segunda-feira, junho 27, 2005

The Submerging Democratic Majority

“You would think this treaty would be a natural for Democrats, who have always portrayed themselves as the party with real sympathy for the poor -- in contradistinction to Republicans, who have hearts of stone if they have any at all. The Democratic Party has always seen itself as the tribune of the oppressed of the Third World and as deeply distressed by the fact that "the United States by far is the stingiest nation in the world for development assistance or foreign aid," to quote Jimmy Carter, former Democratic president, current Democratic saint.”

A Party Without Ideas”, Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post

“The rise of the "new model" Republican Party almost perfectly parallels the rise of Toyota. The GOP roared to prominence in the 1980s, suffered a slight setback as the Democrats retooled in the '90s, and now dominates the presidency and Congress. The Republicans have thrived for the same reason as Toyota — they have been better at producing new products and going after new customers.”

The GOP's a Toyota, Dems Are All GM”, LA Times, pelos mesmos senhores que escreveram esta magistral obra:
Essencial para todos os que desejarem compreender a realidade de uma América, ontológicamente longe dos polos litorais de Manhattan e Los Angeles. A “fly-over land” onde reside o coração do original conservadorismo americano, pós e pré Barry Goldwater 64.


Blogger Henrique Raposo said...

Grande Gonçalo,

mais uma vez, as tuas indicações vão dar muito jeito. Vou usar o «reactionary liberalism» (no artigo do Krauthmmer) para uma coisa que vou fazer para a Atlântico.

Um abraço para o melhor espião intelectual do reino,

12:17 da tarde  

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