quarta-feira, junho 08, 2005

"Beyond kleptocracy and Kalashnikovs"

"As an African entrepreneur, I am not looking for handouts that I have not earned. I only want the same opportunities that British entrepreneurs coming to Africa have access to. We went to the same schools and universities, and in the global community we are all looking for the same things: markets and equal opportunities to exploit them...
...It is wealth creation that links the African struggle of yesterday, today and tomorrow. To understand this we must remove the blinkers and see an Africa beyond kleptocracy and Kalashnikovs.
Contemporary economic orthodoxy postulates that the primary engine for economic growth is not central government but the private sector. If we accept this then we must assume that the private sector embodies the self-interested bottom line of its corporate members. This self-interest is driven by the pursuit of profit."

Andrew Rugasira, "Beyond kleptocracy and Kalashnikovs", The Guardian


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A verdade que o politicamente correcto não quer ouvir

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