sexta-feira, março 18, 2005

O Guardião da Chave Soviética

George F. Kennan

Kennan fired back is famous 8000 word “long telegram” of 22 February 1946. In it he predicted that, whatever the official line, “Soviet policy will really be dominated by the pursuit of autarchy for the Soviet Union and Soviet dominated adjacent areas taken together”. The Russians were likely to turn “a cold official shoulder…to the principle of general economic collaboration among nations”. That conclusion was almost as shocking, in Washington at that time, as Kennan’s larger argument that the Soviet Union could not be reasoned with, only contained. For Stalin unexpected action forced American forced American officials to abandon their vision of post-war world organized according to economic logic. It brought them to face with the ideological and strategic realities of the Cold War”.
John Lewis Gaddis, We Now Know